Philip A. Riddell, KC

Criminal Lawyer

Over 30 years experience

Member of The B. C. Bar

Member of The Yukon Bar

Phillip A. Riddell

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Discrete, Timely and Effective Representation.

Early Action Is Important

If you have been charged or might be charged with a criminal offence, you need to launch an immediate, strong and decisive defence. An experienced, effective and trusted criminal defence counsel is your first step.

Philip Riddell has been dealing with criminal charges and the associated administrative issues for over 30 years. Phil has represented clients in both Provincial and Supreme Court across the Lower Mainland ( Vancouver, New Westminster, Richmond, Surrey, Port Coquitlam, Abbotsford and Chilliwack) and throughout Western Canada.

If you are being investigated for a criminal charge, you need to achieve the best possible results with discreet, timely representation.

Phil has represented people charged with criminal offences including murder, manslaughter, dangerous driving causing death, criminal negligence causing death, impaired driving causing death, driving offences causing bodily harm, extortion, sexual offences, a variety of driving offences, production of controlled drugs, trafficking of drugs, possession of drugs, firearms offences, fraud, theft, a variety of assault charges of both the domestic and non-domestic nature, possession / production and distribution of child pornography, regulatory offences under the Motor Vehicle Act, Bankruptcy Insolvency Act, and Immigration and Protection of Refugee Act.

He knows that for a client, the offence the client is charged with is serious. For this reason all the matters he deals with are treated as serious matters.

It is important that if you are subject to an investigation that you speak to a lawyer who is experienced in the area of dealing with the unintended or unexpected consequences.

The mere fact of an investigation can have an adverse effect. There can be unintended adverse consequences from not only a conviction, but from even an investigation or a charge. These consequences may surface years later and involve such agencies or organizations such as the Ministry of Children and Families, professional organizations like the Law Society, medical associations, engineering society, accounting society, security and financial trading, border crossing, international travel or any position requiring a criminal records check.